5 SEO facts that you MUST know

5 SEO facts that you MUST know

Search engine optimization is becoming more and more important for businesses. For those of you who don’t know what it is, SEO refers to the process of increasing your website’s ranking on search engines like Google or Bing. Here are five SEO Dubai facts that will help you get started!


The terms used in web page design are called keywords. These are how users find information online when they’re using a search engine. You want yours to be relevant to your company so people can easily find you. More popular keywords have higher competition amongst other websites wanting their own content ranked highly too, so pick carefully!

Readability score

The information readability score measures how easy it would be for someone new to your site to quickly find what they’re looking for. This can help with SEO because people who consume less text will likely click away if their questions aren’t answered in a timely manner or easily found through navigation buttons. You don’t necessarily need long blog posts! Some simple pages could still get high scores depending on the topic and its structure.

The page load speed

Remember when we said short blog posts were good? Well, sometimes too short is not great either when webpages take too long to load. The average webpage should take no longer than a few seconds at maximum. Anything over five is pushing it and if the user already has a slow internet connection, they’ll likely leave your page behind!

Number of keywords

The number of keywords you use for SEO purposes shouldn’t be too high or low either. You can have up to seven per webpage, but any more or less won’t do much good for ranking higher on search engines.

Using several platforms simultaneously

Using platforms like Google Analytics together with Bing webmaster tools will help you get an overall feel of which strategies are working best for your website’s traffic increase. If one platform isn’t showing promising results compared to others, then that might not be the place where users typically go first. Pay special attention to your email list and social media presence as well!

As you can see, there’s a lot more to SEO than just having the right keywords on your webpage. It takes time for these strategies to work but once they do, watch out! Your website will be receiving tons of traffic from users who are looking specifically for what you’re selling. Stay on the lookout for new SEO facts that might be helpful in making your website rank higher!